About Joe Kelly

About Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is a certified life coach, author, educator and expert on men in families. He helps loved ones of people with eating disorders learn tools and practices which help them resist the many ways that eating disorders hijack families.

Joe also teaches eating disorder treatment professionals how to engage clients’ male loved ones as treatment and recovery allies. He’s presented on this topic at annual conferences of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals, Academy of Eating Disorders, Renfrew Center Foundation, National Eating Disorders Association (US), National Eating Disorders Information Centre (Canada), and Australia New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders.

His 13 books include Dads & DaughtersPursuing Perfection: Eating Disorders, Body Myths and Women at Midlife and Beyond (with Margo Maine, PhD); Nutrition and Eating Disorders: Integrating Dietetics, Science, and Yoga in Treatment and Recovery (with Maria Sorbara Mora); and Yoga and Eating Disorders (with Carolyn Costin).

A journalist since 1985, Joe was an award-winning Minnesota Public Radio reporter; he also co-founded New Moon Girls magazine and the nonprofit Dads & Daughters. He served on the board of the Eating Disorders Coalition and was Fathering Educator at The Emily Program for eating disorders treatment. Joe also contributed chapters to Prevention of Eating- and Weight-Related Disorders.