ED's Emotional Storms

Ever feel like you’re drawn into a hurricane, when your loved one enters the room? 

Eating disorders bring what advocate Ginny Jones calls “Emotional Storms.” (Ginny is creator of More-Love.Org.) The challenge for us? To resist being drawn into those storms ourselves

That’s not easy, mostly we’re probably, and understandably, in the habit of taking on the storms. Fortunately, you can develop practices that give you choices about whether or not to make someone else’s emotion storms into your own.

And, you can do it while also responding to your loved one’s authentic self with your genuine love.

Ginny lists five things to do during your loved one’s Emotional Storms

1.Don’t freak out

2. Forget about time (that is, don’t watch the clock, and remember “this, too, shall pass”)

3. Make it about your loved one, not you (your needs are important, but don’t expect to get them met in someone else’s storm)

4. Reflect, don’t defend


Ginny writes “This is hard. Remember that your child’s need for emotional connection is normal and natural, and within your power to give. It may not be easy, but you can learn to give her what she needs to thrive. Be patient with yourself, and get the support you need to learn these skills.”

Her words come from a parent/stepparent’s perspective, but they apply just as well if you’re a spouse, partner, sibling, friend, colleague, etc.

You can read Ginny’s thoughts on the subject here. And check out the rest of of More-Love.Org, too.